The Great Renunciation of Buddha

The thought process behind my latest Hiphop/Trap single Kapilavastu by Cestine.

1. Beach

The feeling of loosing a loved one is not easy.

Trust me, It isn’t simple since I for one experienced this dark tunnel more than once in my life.

“You know, The pain the Queen went through after he left her?”


2. Rahul

Rahul migrated to Australia when he was 13 with his mother and grandfather. He was one of the best and brightest students in our class back in the day.

3. History

That was the day Rahul revealed to us an anecdote about how his father left him when he was 7 and never came to visit them (even until now). It was a shocking story in light of the fact that nobody truly knew it, and I surmise Rahul never needed to talk this with anybody.

Brother, As you said — Your mom is the Queen, despite the fact that he left you folks, She ensured you grew up to be a King. We’ll toast your future my man!”

Rahul now looking at me with a weird smirk now. (Is that a new Hollywood smile?)

4. Yaśodhara

Yaśodhara was the daughter of King Suppabuddha, and Amita, sister of the Buddha’s father, King Śuddhodana. She was born on same day in the month of “Vaishaka” as prince Siddhartha. Her grandfather was Añjana a Koliya chief, her father was Suppabuddha and her mother, Amitā, came from a Shakya family. The Shakya and the Koliya were branches of the Ādicca (Sanskrit: Aditya) or Ikshvaku dynasty. There were no other families considered equal to them in the region and therefore members of these two royal families married only among themselves.[7]

Yaśodharā was devastated and overcome with grief.

Once prince Siddhartha left his home at night for enlightenment, With the approval of Yashodhara but without letting anyone else know.

5. The feelings of Yasodhara

Rahul — my mate told us the above story.

Would you be able to envision the torment of a woman once the husband left her when their baby boy is 7 days old? Also, been holding back to see him anymore?

He didn’t stopped there. Rahul continued —

6. Kapilavastu

At the point when I returned home soon thereafter, All I could think was the story of Queen Yasodhara.

  • Added the beach wave sound because this track is not just a track, It is a story. Of us sitting on that beach telling the story.
  • I made sure to carry a lot of influence from Indian and Sri Lankan music so you get a similar fusion of Sri Lankan/Indian motifs with the modern trap sound along with lively percussion and the way everything is mixed together is also quite similar.



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