How to Find a job in Melbourne as an International Student

ACS Young Professionals Vice-Chair/Emerging Professional of the Year 2022 Finalist reflects on the journey from international student to ICT professional

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What is Data Science?

The main reason behind this is that you don’t have any connections with the Australian workforce.

1. Networking.

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Imagine Company A has a data and analytics director called Mr.Murphy. His D & A (Data and Analytics) team has only 4 members now. So whenever Murphy wants to hire a new graduate employee as an addition to his team, Who would he go first? If you are the Director do you want to spend money on recruitment agencies to hire people? Or do you want to ask your co-workers and the staff for recommendations?

2. Be proactive and let go of fear

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3. Write a Blog (In my case — Data Science)

4. Be Friendly during Interviews (Meetings/Catchups)

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5. Sum up the above rules and add them to your CV

I’d like to quote something from Gerard Holland who is the CEO of Outcome.Life which helps a lot of international students all around Melbourne to secure themselves with Internships which can be the greatest foundation of your career path.



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